Fiverr SEO: Learn fiver gig ranking techniques in 2022


This course contains my best secret Fiverr gig ranking seo techniques that can help you to rank your Fiverr gig



ello and wc to this basic fiverr gig creation course for beginners. In this course I will try include the mixture of my three years experience on fiverr

In this course show you that how you can choose the title for your gig from the sellers that are already present with the keyword which is related to your services and if you also wanted to rank your gig with that same keyword.

You will get an overviews about What type of gig description is required

I will show that how you can find the tags of any gig present on fiverr  and then I will teach you that how to choose the tags that can help your gig to rank high in fiverr search results

You will know that what type of keyword is that you can choose to make your gig on

I will create a thumbnail for my gig in this course to let you have a concept that what type of gig image or thumbnail works on fiverr

Over all information to fiverr’s working method

Note: This course does not comes with guarantee that the instructor’s method will work same for you but it can gives you a brief concept that what are the basic requirements and methods that can help you to do an effective seo for your gig.


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